Heat treatment of wood

This involves the treatment of wood packaging material. In international trade wood packaging receives heat treatment, as a phytosanitary measure, to destroy harmful organisms.

The process, also called sterilization, is carried out by heating the wood until a minimum temperature in the middle of the element of 56° C is reached for at least 30 minutes.

As is widely known wood packaging material is used for packaging, fastening, protection or support to secure a shipment during its transportation and among others includes: pallets, crates, boxes, frames, carriers, partitions and linings.

Chamber drying is the process by which wood is dried in a closed chamber using heat or humidity control to achieve the desired moisture content. The treatment is an officially approved method of destroying plant pests. Our code, which we use in this process, BA – 0038-09 is one that is internationally recognized and confirms the approved standard of the wood packaging material that has been treated.