Privacy Policy

"DELFIN TRGOTRANS" LLC Celinac respects the privacy of visitors and pays great attention to data protection. Therefore, we have created this Privacy Policy to establish rules regarding the type of data, its collection, and the method of processing.

Personal data refers to information that can directly or indirectly identify a visitor, such as name, location data, postal address, and the like.

When visiting our website, no visitor data is collected except for log files on the server and cookies, including third-party cookies (see more in the Cookies section below).

Server log files are automatically stored and contain:

  • The domain name or IP address of the device from which the request for access was sent,
  • Date and time of arrival, duration of the visit, and URLs of visited pages,
  • Information about the application used to browse the pages.

Server log files are processed by the server owner and only in situations where server-related issues need resolution.


Transfer of Personal Data

"DELFIN TRGOTRANS" LLC Celinac collects minimal personal data on the website only when a visitor sends them through the contact form for the purpose of contacting "DELFIN TRGOTRANS" LLC Celinac.

The data we collect include:

  • First and last name,
  • Email address (necessary for responding to inquiries).

By sending this data, the website visitor consents to the use of the collected information for the purposes outlined in these rules.

Collected data in the form of submitted contact messages are not retained on the server but are immediately forwarded to the official email address of the company.

"DELFIN TRGOTRANS" LLC Celinac will use the data collected when filling out the contact form exclusively for communication with senders and regarding the inquiry they have submitted, as well as for further business communication if business cooperation is established.

At no time will we disclose user and visitor data to third parties except upon the request of judicial authorities.

Users of the website can request access to the collected data and request corrections or deletion by phone, sending a request to the official email address, or through the contact form on the website.


Cookie Information

On our website, we use cookies to ensure the highest quality browsing experience, search, management, navigation, and content discovery for visitors. Cookie management is fully enabled for visitors through the module located at the bottom of the page. Cookies will be saved on your computer only if you click the "I agree" button in the footer of that module.


What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer (tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit certain websites. Cookies contain some of your settings (internet browser settings, such as preferred language or address). When you revisit the same web page, your internet browser sends back cookies that belong to that page. Thanks to this, the web page can display information tailored to your needs and preferences.


What Do Cookies Do?

Cookies allow the website to "remember" settings you have chosen in previous visits (language, login, etc.). Among the many purposes of cookies are: improving navigation on the website, preserving page settings (e.g., font size).

If our website did not use cookies, it would treat you as a new visitor every time you open another subpage.


Are Cookies Safe?

Cookies are 100% safe. They cannot harm your computer and do not contain data that could be used to personally identify you.


What Cookies Are Used on "DELFIN TRGOTRANS" LLC Celinac?

We use cookies to gather information about how you use our website. They do not collect data that identifies you. The collected data help us understand which content is of interest to you.

On certain subpages, we use third-party cookies ( that are necessary for displaying Google Maps, tracking visits, and other functionalities on the website.