Ever-fashionable, the noble oak wood forms the structure of multilayer flooring special and  three-layer-flooring-oak-fir-fir-sandedrecognizable for its diversity and authenticity. The top layer of this three-layer flooring is 3 mm or 4 mm thick and consists of a carefully processed oak lamella with a slanted bevel on its edges. The middle layer consists of fir slats placed transversally to the surface layer. The bottom part of this multilayer floor covering is made of a 2 mm thick fir veneer. This structure gives stability to this type of flooring, and is recommended for large-surface floors.

Three-layer flooring with this structure may be 14 mm or 15 mm in total thickness. The width varies and may range between 160 mm and 300 mm, while the lengths range from 800 mm to 2,400 mm. The profiles of this type of floor covering have grooves and feathers, allowing for a quick and straightforward installation. This product is sanded, and oiled in the desired color. It is low-maintenance, and may be additionally sanded and refinished.

This floor covering is extremely stable and long-lasting, and suitable for all types of residential and commercial spaces. Three-layer flooring with this structure allows for the installation of underfloor heating. The product is FSC-certified and bears a CE mark. It is made with love and ecologically approved.


  • Stable and long lasting
  • Fully finished floor
  • Authentic and natural look
  • Suitable for under-floor heating
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • The top layer can be sanded and finished if necessary
  • More resistant to changes in temperature and humidity than solid flooring
  • More affordable than solid floors
  • Available in various dimensions, colors and finishes
  • Recommended for large floors


Multilayer flooring may be sorted into different classes. Depending on the color, structure, and natural imperfections in the wood, the flooring is classified into four classes: Select, Nature, Rustic and Rustic RX. The differences between the classes are not reflected in the resistance, stability, or any other properties that may affect the quality of the product. Rather, each of them has a permissible wood structure that is more or less pronounced. This type of classification provides an opportunity tor any customer to find a flooring look to their wishes, that will best suit their space.

  • SELECT - Surface of uniform color, without knots, sapwood and discolorations. Allowed: single dark knots up to 2 mm in diameter and healthy knots in wood color up to 5 mm.
  • NATURE - Surface with a more pronounced structure and small differences in wood color. Allowed: single dark knots up to 10 mm and healthy knots in wood color up to 20 mm.
  • RUSTIC - Surface with a strongly pronounced structure and larger differences in wood color. Allowed: single dark knots up to 25 mm and healthy knots in wood color up to 50 mm.
  • RUSTIC RX - Surface with highly pronounced structure and larger differences in wood color. Allowed: dark and open knots up to 50 mm and healthy knots in wood color up to 100 mm, heartwood and sapwood.


Multilayer flooring may be oiled in a wide range of colors at customer’s request. There is also an option to oil the flooring with a LED oil, which provides a better and longer-lasting protection to the flooring due to the drying method and the quality of the oil itself.

LED Colors