“Delfin Trgotrans Ltd.” is a family-owned company located in Šnjegotina Velika, in the municipality of Čelinac, which deals with the processing of wood from which it produces various semi-final and final products. It started operating in 1996 and since then the business of the company has been expanding with the introduction of new products, the purchase of new, more modern equipment, which has secured a good position in both the domestic and foreign markets. As much as 85% of total production is exported to many European countries such as Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and many others. It currently has 50 employees.
At the beginning semi-automatic machines were used for production, but new demands in the market requires constant changes, and the product quality and expansion of supply have created the necessary conditions to modernize the production. Procurement of machines for automatic processing of wood and better organization of existing equipment has significantly increased the capacity and quality of processing. Experienced workers, with computer control and quality statistics, identify deficiencies in a timely manner and act to remedy them. Together, we strive to achieve high product quality to meet customer needs.
In addition to investing in new machines and tools and improving employees, significant funds are also being invested in the construction of modern facilities that will provide better working conditions. Every day we build something new, and the company is currently spread over 35,000 m2, and the area that is covered is 4800 m2.
Our company has ISO 9001: 2000 and FSC certification, as well as many awards and certificates of product and process quality within the organization itself. Production is carried out in accordance with modern environmental standards, everything is processed, and waste and residues of materials at the end of one production process can be used in the manufacture of another product, which maximizes the use of wood, and thus contributes to the rational use of forest potential.