Thermal treatment of wood at Delfin Trgotrans Ltd involves treatment of wood packaging material. Wood packaging material in international traffic is treated by a heat method treatment (HT), as a phytosanitary measure, to destroy harmful organisms. The treatment procedure is carried out by heating the wood until a minimum temperature in the middle of the element of 56 ° C is reached, for at least 30 minutes. This process is also called sterilization.

Wood packaging material is a tree or product made of wood for packaging, fixing, protection or supporting that is, to maintain the shipment during its transport, and includes: pallets, crates, boxes, frames, supports, partitions, linings and other products.

Chamber drying is the process during which wood is dried in a closed chamber using heat or humidity control to achieve the desired moisture content. Treatment is an officially approved way of destroying plant pests. Our designation is BA-0038-09. This feature is internationally recognized and marks the wooden packaging material that has been treated.