Smoking wood is a treatment in which wood darkens. Depending on the length of the process, it is possible to achieve a wide range of colours, from very light beige tones to very dark, almost black. With this treatment, the mechanical properties of the wood are not lost and no debris occurs during the process.

In this way it is possible to cover up the defects of the wood that occur, for example discoloration (yellowing, blueness of the wood, etc.).

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Thermal treatment of wood at Delfin Trgotrans Ltd involves treatment of wood packaging material. Wood packaging material in international traffic is treated by a heat method treatment (HT), as a phytosanitary measure, to destroy harmful organisms. The treatment procedure is carried out by heating the wood until a minimum temperature in the middle of the element of 56 ° C is reached, for at least 30 minutes. This process is also called sterilization.

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