Wood chips (also known as chipboard) are tiny pieces of wood. It is obtained by shredding wood residues in the forestry or wood processing industries. It is different in size and irregular in shape. In its production there are almost no restrictions in terms of condition, shape and quality. Wood chips have a much wider application than other wood biomass.

In the Company "Delfin Trgotrans" Ltd it is used for heating its own boilers and for production of briquettes, while the excess chips being supplied to city heating plants as well as to briquette and pellet manufacturers. The wood chips are made of hard and soft wood.

Chop has been widely used and is used for:

  • For pellet production;
  • For the production of briquettes;
  • For heating boilers;
  • For arranging gardens;
  • For arranging parks;
  • For scattering around the plants (usually fruits and flowers);
  • As a base for promenades.