Sawn timber is of great use in modern construction, which is based on proven quality. Wood is still an irreplaceable material in numerous construction works.
Delfin Trgotrans Ltd. produces top quality sawn timber. The exceptional quality of oak trees from these areas, along with modern machines and experienced workers, enables wood processing to the highest standards in the wood industry.

The organization of production of sawn timber with modern technology gives the required quality to the products. Achieving export criteria allows the placement of most of the production to the demanding international market.

The starting raw material for processing is high quality oak logs. By classification, the logs are prepared for processing. Knowledge of wood and its characteristics enables efficiency in production, with continuous improvement of quality. Sloting and cutting of oak trees is a complex process, which is performed on modern machines, but the quality of the raw material is still a basic element of successful business.
The quality of the oak from these areas is exceptional. The natural environment and the absence of industrial pollution enabled the development of healthy trees. Accurately cutting and drying the trees are processed to the required dimensions and prepared for transport.
We offer boards, beams, scaffolding, laths, sticks and other sawmill products. After cutting and drying, the sawn timber is properly matched to retain its original shape and maintain dimensional stability.
Products from our program of sawn timber are supplied in standard dimensions or dimensions to customer specification. Products are processed to a degree that meets customer requirements. Finished products are stored in covered facilities and prepared for transport.
Healthy oak and modern production organization are the basis of the business success of Delfin Trgotrans "Ltd.