The parquet is suitable for all types of residential and commercial premises, it is a very efficient floor covering and is therefore widely used in the West. It is tough and stable and even heavy foot traffic will not impair the quality of this floor covering.
This type of oak parquet offers a huge advantage to customers because it is a completely finished product and just needs to be laid out, and the setup is very quick and easy.

Namely, this parquet can be oiled and, if necessary, varnished, unlike other types of parquet which are varnished only after being placed, which requires additional payments, both materials and labour.
Parquet consists of lamellas of dimensions 10x21,66x160 mm or 10x21,66x250 mm, which are connected into panels of dimensions 160x500 mm or 250x500 mm. On the back of the boards are transversally mounted slats that are glued into the grooved ducts along all the parquet lamellae, making it compact and preventing its disassembly and separation.

•    Fully finished product
•    Quick and easy setup
•    Suitable for all types of residential and commercial premises
•    Connected with slats that prevent disassembly and separation