Edge parquet is a type of oak parquet that is increasingly being floored into residential and commercial spaces. t is characterized by exceptional dimensional stability and hardness and is therefore ideal for installation in large spaces for public use with high pedestrian traffic. The attractive appearance of the product is exactly the cause of his increasingly installation in restaurants, offices, exhibition halls, where a very important long-term durability of floor coverings, as well as all other types of commercial space.

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The parquet is suitable for all types of residential and commercial premises, it is a very efficient floor covering and is therefore widely used in the West. It is tough and stable and even heavy foot traffic will not impair the quality of this floor covering.
This type of oak parquet offers a huge advantage to customers because it is a completely finished product and just needs to be laid out, and the setup is very quick and easy.

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Industrial parquet is a type of oak flooring, which is very popular and has very good technical characteristics. This parquet is very stable and suitable for areas where pedestrian traffic is high. It has a attractive looking and is very practical when it comes to setting it up. It is made of solid wood slats measuring 8x10x160 mm and 8x23x160 mm.

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