Wood briquette is extremely convenient source of energy for heating residential and commercial buildings that have independent heating body or central heating with own boiler on solid fuel. Also, the briquettes are suitable for use in all types of ovens (pizza ovens, bakery ovens), fireplaces, grills, mini dairies, wherever it is necessary to achieve high temperatures by combustion.
The Pini Kay Briquette is an octagonal briquette and has a hole through the middle that reduces the amount of smoke during combustion.

This product is made of oak sawdust, which is pressed and compacted under high pressure and high temperature, which enables this type of briquette to have a very high energy value. The upper heat output is 5239 kWh / kg or 18681 kJ / kg, which causes the briquette to maintain heat, ie to burn for as long as two hours. After burning, a very small amount of ash (about 1%) is left behind. The dimensions of one piece are 63/68 * 265 millimetres, its weight is 1 kilogram, and it is packed in foil in packs of ten pieces. One pallet consists of 96 packages, totalling 960 pounds per pallet. The total moisture of this product is about 8%, the bulk density is 686 kg / m3, and the unit density is 1120 kg / m3.
Pini Kay Briquette is 100% natural without any chemical additives. Combustion emits up to 100 times less harmful gases than coal combustion. A very small amount of fly ash, as well as a small amount of residues after combustion enables easier cleaning and maintenance of the furnace. The ash that remains after burning the briquettes is completely eco-friendly and can be used as fertilizer for flowers, gardens and the like. It is smaller in volume and higher in calories than wood, which means less storage is needed. These briquettes are compact and hard like wood and do not decompose in transport or use, not easily damaged, meaning no dust or waste. Heat energy is released quickly, so the desired temperature can be achieved much faster than other solid fuels, and because of its higher density and hardness, it burns longer and harder and, when burned, retains its original shape for much longer and thus does not stifle fire.

  • 1 pack = 10 pieces = 10 kilograms
  • Suitable for all types of furnaces
  • Very high energy value
  • It even burned for two hours
  • 100% natural product (eco-product)
  • It releases a very small amount of ash
  • Requires little space for storage