Production program

Sawn timber is of great use in modern construction, which is based on proven quality. Wood is still an irreplaceable material in numerous construction works.
Delfin Trgotrans Ltd. produces top quality sawn timber. The exceptional quality of oak trees from these areas, along with modern machines and experienced workers, enables wood processing to the highest standards in the wood industry.

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Wood briquette is extremely convenient source of energy for heating residential and commercial buildings that have independent heating body or central heating with own boiler on solid fuel. Also, the briquettes are suitable for use in all types of ovens (pizza ovens, bakery ovens), fireplaces, grills, mini dairies, wherever it is necessary to achieve high temperatures by combustion.
The Pini Kay Briquette is an octagonal briquette and has a hole through the middle that reduces the amount of smoke during combustion.

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Wood chips (also known as chipboard) are tiny pieces of wood. It is obtained by shredding wood residues in the forestry or wood processing industries. It is different in size and irregular in shape. In its production there are almost no restrictions in terms of condition, shape and quality. Wood chips have a much wider application than other wood biomass.

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The production of furniture elements is carried out at Delfin Trgotrans Ltd. The elements are dimensionally processed, moulded, sanded and oiled if necessary. In agreement with the customers we make the elements according to their wishes.

The base (carpet) is made for two-layer and three-layer parquets or floors. The products are made of fir and spruce. For the two-layer parquet, profiled and strictly dimensioned machined elements in dimensions 8x35x200-1200 mm are made. For three-layer parquet or floor, a base or carpet is made of the aforementioned elements and a 2 mm thick veneer. The carpet is made in dimensions 10x200-1100x1200-2200 mm.

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Edge parquet is a type of oak parquet that is increasingly being floored into residential and commercial spaces. t is characterized by exceptional dimensional stability and hardness and is therefore ideal for installation in large spaces for public use with high pedestrian traffic. The attractive appearance of the product is exactly the cause of his increasingly installation in restaurants, offices, exhibition halls, where a very important long-term durability of floor coverings, as well as all other types of commercial space.

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The parquet is suitable for all types of residential and commercial premises, it is a very efficient floor covering and is therefore widely used in the West. It is tough and stable and even heavy foot traffic will not impair the quality of this floor covering.
This type of oak parquet offers a huge advantage to customers because it is a completely finished product and just needs to be laid out, and the setup is very quick and easy.

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Industrial parquet is a type of oak flooring, which is very popular and has very good technical characteristics. This parquet is very stable and suitable for areas where pedestrian traffic is high. It has a attractive looking and is very practical when it comes to setting it up. It is made of solid wood slats measuring 8x10x160 mm and 8x23x160 mm.

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